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Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

Join Us In Fighting the Exploitation of Children

Material depicting the sexual abuse of children constitutes a serious crime that perpetuates the victimization of children. If you encounter any content that may involve child exploitation, it is crucial to report it immediately through proper channels so the appropriate authorities can intervene and protect potential victims. By reporting suspected illegal material, you can help prevent further harm and abuse.

Report Now

We encourage you to report images or videos of child sexual abuse found on the internet.
Complete and submit the Reporting Form or contact our hotline with information about illegal online content.

  • Submissions may be anonymous (no need to include name or contact details unless submitting intimate image abuse reports)
  • Submissions are confidential
  • Intimate Image Abuse (IIA) reports require an email address. You may create a new one for this purpose
  • To ensure privacy, our hotline does not track IP address or device location for submitted reports.
  • Reports are evaluated individually, case-by-case by hotline analysts
  • Submitting multiple reports may cause delays in addressing situations. Please only submit one report.
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