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Youth Cultural Promotion Association

Our Vision

“A healthier and Safe Zambia where the lives of children, youth and survivors are protected against the terrible effects caused by Sexual Violence as individuals, families, and communities, with every person affected by child sexual violence prevention, empowerment and justice and get the necessary remedy for their spiritual, emotional, psychological and health wellbeing in order to prevent and mitigate against the harmful effects and impact of sexual violence”.

About Us

7ASIDE-ASHA²Gs is a Youth Cultural Promotion Association (YOCUPA) programme innovated by Dr Beck Stanley Banda, a Community Education, Youth and Public Health expert who is also the innovator of Zambia’s novel maternal health promotion model “Safe Motherhood Action Groups” (SMAGs) model. YOCUPA has been using the Theatre for Community Action (TCA) bystander interventions as a transformative critical pedagogy that engages community members in techniques that transforms the social norms and practices for the last 25 years since its establishment in 1996.

Our Homes and Community Spaces are no longer safe places for our children, youth and women. The advent of step-fathers having forced sex with their step-daughters, Uncles having forced sex with their nieces, brothers in – law having forced sex with their sister in-laws, cousins, maids and house boys taking advantage of our children in the absence of parents. This is happening in our own homes as the *perpetrators take advantage of power differences.

Our pupils from primary and secondary schools are subjected to early childhood sexual violence by the teachers who take advantage of their vulnerability. Our female students in colleges and universities are subjected to sexual harassment, with male lecturers demanding for sexual services from female students in order for them to receive a higher grade in examinations from their studies (Morley 2011). Sexual harassment is an epidemic throughout global higher education systems and impact individuals, groups and entire institutions in profound ways. 7ASIDE-ASHAGs will intervene in this terrible act of sexual assault that has resulted in pupils and students exposed to STIs, HIV/AIDS, abortions, suicide, drug and substance abuse. school dropout, child mothers, forced and early marriages and poor class performance.

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

Reporting online instances of sexual abuse against children will help us in our mission to protect children from predators.


Our Mission

“To prevent, sensitise, mitigate and reduce the impact and effects of online and offline Sexual Violence among the children and youth in learning institutions, churches, workplaces and homes/community spaces at ward level of the local government structure in Zambia and beyond by increasing awareness, conscientising the general public on the need to report the incidences of sexual harassment and break the silence, allow the law to take its course on the perpetrators of sexual violence through the multifaceted media and tailor-made interventions in the zoned ward boundaries , with victims and survivors receiving support services such as counselling, healing , rehabilitation and empowerment.”

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Our Goals

  • To pioneer an intervention in the fight against Sexual Violence by developing an integrated and locally designed public health response that shall have its main base at Ward level under the Ward Development Committee of the local authority as well as online platforms and reduce the incidences and harmful effects caused by sexual violence in learning institutions, workplaces, churches and homes/community spaces in Zambia and generate new data that shall add to the body of knowledge.
  • To institutionalise anti sexual violence interventions at Ward level under the Ward Development Committee in targeted institutions such as learning institutions, churches, workplaces, homes and community spaces, advocate and lobby for policy and programme measures that will support and lead towards online and offline permanent entry points for prevention, healing, mitigation and justice.

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